Free Credit Reports

One of the best ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft is to review your free credit report periodically. You can request your credit report from

Other sites with similar sounding names that advertise free credit reports may provide you with your score for free, but usually require you to sign up for credit report monitoring or another service for which you are billed monthly. These are for-profit businesses and should not be confused with

Credit Report Disputes

A recent study of credit report accuracy by the Federal Trade Commission noted that 26% of the study participants identified an error on their credit report. Many of these errors were loans or credit lines that did not belong to the consumer. In many cases it was an innocent mistake (such as two digits transposed in an account number or Social Security number), but in some instances it was a loan or credit card opened by fraudsters using stolen personal information. Regardless of whether the mistake was innocent or not, if the loan is delinquent or in collections it could severely damage the consumer’s credit score.

So what should you do if you notice an error on one of your free annual credit reports? The good news is all three credit bureaus have made it easy to file a credit dispute online. Contact each of these credit bureaus that have incorrect information: EquifaxTransunion and Experian.

Credit Score Tips

NOTE: is the official government site that provides you with your free credit report, but not the actual score. You may choose to purchase the actual score for a nominal fee from one of the three national credit bureaus that provides your free report.


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