Switch to APL FCU

Below is everything you will need to make a smooth transition to APL FCU. Just follow the three simple steps to switch to APL Federal Credit Union.


Step 1 – Open an APL FCU Account

You can open your new credit union account by stopping by any APL FCU branch, or by completing our online application. Once you have funded the account and have been given a membership number, you can stop using your old bank’s account.

Membership Application

Step 2 – Redirect Automatic Payments & Withdrawals

You can redirect all automatic payments and withdrawals using our simple forms. Fill out the Direct Deposit Form and submit it to your employer to have your paychecks deposited directly to your new APL FCU account. You can also send a copy of the Change Automatic Withdrawal Form to any vendor or merchant that debits your old account (mortgage/rent payments, utilities, investments, etc.)

Direct DepositAutomatic Withdrawal

Step 3 – Close Your Old Account

The final step is to send a Close Account Form to your old financial institution. Be sure that any scheduled automatic withdrawals have been made from this account, and that all vendors and merchants have been notified of your new APL FCU account.

Close Account

Please fill out the electronic forms, save them to your computer, print them out and send them to the appropriate recipients.

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