Safe Deposit Boxes

Columbia Branch

The Safe Deposit Boxes at the Columbia Branch utilize state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint recognition. With these self-service boxes, your fingerprint is your key. This represents one of the safest possible environments for protecting your valuables. There are a limited number of boxes left so stop by during business hours to reserve and set up your box.

Main Office

Our Main Office has a PC-based Safe Deposit Management System that provides for fast, more secure safe deposit box access with just a signature. During the first visit after the system's implementation, each box owner's digital photograph and signature are captured to develop a comprehensive database. This allows for instant access and ensures heightened security. Currently there is a wait list for boxes at the Main Office.

Annual Costs

Annual costs are the same at both locations and all boxes are 22" in depth.

Small - 3" x 5" = $20
Medium - 3" x 10" = $30
Large - 5" x 10" = $50
Extra Large - 10" x 10" =$100

You may apply for a box within our Digital Banking platform. If you would like to apply for a Columbia Branch box or to get on the wait list for a Main Office box, please log in to Digital Banking to make your request. To open a box now at the Columbia Branch and to add your name to the wait list at the Main Office, please fill out one form for each request.

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