Overdraft Protection

Increase your purchasing power with an additional source of funds while protecting yourself against overdrafts and non-sufficient fund fees.



  • This service ties your Checking Account to your Savings or APL FCU VISA Card
  • Protects against bounced check fees
  • 100% Free unless you use it – just $5 fee for each overdraft transfer from savings*

Stop by an APL FCU branch to set up Overdraft Protection or log into Digital Banking.

Another option is to open a Line of Credit that doubles as Overdraft Protection. It's a great tool for busy members who may share their checking account with a joint owner, or access their money in a combination of ways (writing checks, using check cards, performing electronic transfers, etc.). And best of all, the Line of Credit is 100% free unless you use it. Then you are only charged the same low interest rate as our VISA Classic Credit Card.

*Overdraft Protection can be tied to your Savings or APL FCU VISA Card, but not a Money Market or 2nd Checking Account. There is a $5 fee per transfer from Savings, regardless of the number of paper checks it keeps from bouncing. For example, if an overdraft transfer from your Savings to Checking keeps four checks from bouncing on a particular day, you are only charged $5, not $20. However, for electronic debits (such as point-of-sale usage at a store) the fee is $5 per occurrence. VISA transfers are free of charge, just like a cash advance. However, there is no 25-day grace period and the member is charged interest at the current VISA rate.

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