Visa Purchase Alerts

With Free Visa Purchase Alerts from APL FCU, members can receive near real-time alert notifications on select purchases made with their APL FCU debit and credit cards. The alerts help you monitor your account activity so you can quickly notify us of any suspicious activity.


Alert Criteria

  • How alert is delivered (email and/or text)
  • Purchases that exceed a dollar amount of your choosing – for example, you may wish to receive an alert only for transactions over $25.
  • “Card Not Present” transactions – these are online or phone transactions where the fraudster doesn’t even need your card (just stolen card information) to attempt a transaction
  • International transactions

Signature vs PIN Transactions

Visa Purchase Alerts are available for all credit card and signature-based debit card purchases. However, non-signature debit card transactions (where you use your four-digit PIN) may not generate an alert. 

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