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eBranch & Mobile Banking Conversion

Friday, October 18, 2019: First Time Registration and Mobile App Download will be unavailable until October 29th.

Monday October 28, 2019: Starting around 2:00 am on October 28th, eBranch and our Mobile app will be in a READ ONLY mode. You will be able to log in to VIEW items but you will not be able perform any transactions. You will be able to view scheduled transfers and bill payments but you will not be able to edit or schedule new actions during this time. Payments and transfers already scheduled for the 28th will process on the 29th of October.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019: By 10:00 am, the conversion should be complete and the new eBranch and Mobile App update will be ready for use.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019:
NEW eBranch and Mobile App Go Live

What you need to know:

  • LOGIN CREDENTIALS: Your password will carry over from the old platform but you will need to establish new security questions. If you set up a USER ID on the old platform it will not be recognized by the new system, so you will need to use your member number for the initial login. You do have the option of adding a USER ID once you complete the initial login.  Please Note: the new system will only recognize a USER ID or a Member Number to log in, not both. If you add a USER ID to your membership, you will only be able to log in using that USER ID. Your member number will no longer work for logging in.

    Members may also be asked to verify their identity via a Text Message or a Phone call. Please be sure to update these phone numbers with the Credit Union prior to the conversion.
  • PHONE NUMBERS: Our new platform will rely on phone and text communications for certain operations. Please verify with the Credit Union that we have updated information for both cell and home phone numbers.
  • BILL PAY: All payees, payment info and scheduled payments will migrate to the new platform. You will not have access to the Bill Pay Center during the conversion period, but all scheduled payments will process normally. The platform will look and operate exactly the same as it did on the former eBranch platform.
  • INTERNAL TRANSFERS: Internal transfers or loan payments scheduled to process on the 28th will take place on the 29th. All previously scheduled internal transfers will carry over in the conversion. Please check these processes to be sure you see them when conversion is complete.
  • REMOTE ACCOUNTS: If you have any remote accounts set up in eBranch, for transferring money to and from APL FCU and other financial institutions, you will need to enroll them on the new platform. Accounts from almost 800 financial institutions can be verified almost instantaneously, which In most cases will eliminate the need for the cumbersome penny transaction process when setting up external financial institution accounts.
  • MOBILE APP: You will need to perform an app update to gain access to the new mobile app which will include fingerprint and facial recognition technology. The old app version will not work after the 28th of October.
  • QUICKEN & QUICKBOOKS: Users of Web Connect, Express Web Connect, Mint and Quickbooks Online will need to perform a few tasks to prepare for the conversion.  Quicken STEP-by-STEP Instructions

Conversion FAQs


If you have questions prior to or after the conversion, please contact us at or 443.778.5250.


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