Government Shutdown Assistance

APL Federal Credit Union is offering financial assistance to members directly affected by the current government shutdown.* If you are a federal government employee or employed by a federal contractor, and were furloughed because of the government shutdown, you may be eligible to participate in the following programs:



APL FCU’s Skip-A-Pay program allows you to skip a monthly payment on your Credit Union loan(s).** There is no charge for this program, although your membership must be in good standing with all loan payments current.

At this time all APL FCU loan types are eligible for the Skip-A-Pay program except first mortgages. If the government shutdown extends into late January, APL FCU plans to institute a program to assist members with first mortgage payments due February 1st.

To apply for the Skip-A-Pay program, please fill out and print this Skip-A-Pay form, then bring it to any APL FCU branch location. You may also fax the completed form to 443-778-5771 or scan and email it to

90-Day No Payment Loan (up to $5,000)

Members facing financial hardship because of the government shutdown may apply for a special unsecured loan for up to $5,000. This loan has a low interest rate of just 4.99%, with a 90-day no payment option and a 24-month term.

One-Time Certificate of Deposit (CD) Withdrawal

Members may make one CD withdrawal per membership with no early withdrawal penalty. Traditional and Roth IRA Certificates are not eligible.

Expedited Line of Credit & Credit Card Limit Increases

Get an expedited approval for a credit line increase on your existing APL FCU Visa® Credit Card or Line of Credit.

We will also expedite the processing of new APL FCU Visa® Credit Card applications. With our instant issue card capability, approved applicants will have the option of picking up their new credit card right away at any APL FCU branch.

Getting Started

To take advantage of the One-Time CD Withdrawal, 90-Day No Payment Loan or Expedited Credit Line Increase/Application, please stop by Member Services at any APL FCU branch or contact us at 443-778-5250.

Questions? Please contact us at 443-778-5250 or for assistance.

*Participation in the Government Shutdown Assistance Program is subject to approval. APL FCU reserves the right to deny participation in the program for any reason, and to cancel any or all parts of the program without prior notice.

**Finance charges will continue to accrue during the deferment period, the original maturity date of closed-end loans with be extended and the total finance charges paid on the loan may be higher than the original amount disclosed. Skipped payments may affect coverage of other products such as GAP insurance.

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