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Credit Unions are not-for-profit cooperatives founded on the principle of people helping people. With that in mind, APL FCU is here to help our members during these uncertain times.

To inquire about any of the financial assistance options listed below, please call us at 443-778-5250 during normal business hours. You may also send us a secure message by logging into your account and clicking on the Help icon located at the top of the screen (eBranch) or in the drop-down
menu (Mobile App). There is also a Payment Relief request within the Member Forms on eBranch. Please fill out this form to request more information.




If you are experiencing temporary financial hardship caused directly or indirectly by this pandemic, we have several options available to assist you. Please contact the Credit Union or fill out the Payment Relief forms in eBranch (under Member Forms).


If you have a loan or credit card with us, and need to defer your monthly payment, please contact us. Deferral of current or upcoming payments can provide you with significant extra time before you need to make a payment, helping to preserve your current funds for other important needs.

For fixed-term loans, such as car loans, the number of monthly payments that are deferred are simply moved to the end of your current loan term. For lines of credit and credit cards, the required monthly payment is removed for each month of the deferral period.

There are no fees for this service and no negative impact to your credit standing or credit report. After the deferral period you simply resume making your regular payment.


Members with a CD may withdraw some or all of the funds without paying an early withdrawal penalty.


Members with an existing APL FCU line of credit or Visa® credit card may contact us to request a quick credit line increase.


In addition to the options listed above, we have several other ways we may be able to assist members in need. Even if you are making ends meet for the moment, but anticipate running into financial difficulty in the future, we encourage you to be proactive and contact us ahead of time to discuss your situation.


For the health and safety of our members and staff, we will be restricting access to all APL FCU branch lobbies effective Wednesday, January 6th. Our Call Center and drive-thru lanes are available to serve you during normal business hours: 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday - Friday, and 9 AM to noon on Saturdays. Appointments may be made for items that may need to be conducted in person.

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